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German-Canadian Young Atlantiks Program

Call for Applications 2023
German-Canadian Young Atlantiks Program Photo: Hermes Rivera/Unsplash

For more than 30 years, Atlantik-Brücke has convened its annual German-Canadian Conference to discuss current themes relevant to both countries, bringing together German and Canadian leaders in a frank exchange and dialogue. This annual conference has become the forum in which to strengthen Germany-Canada relations and intensify the exchange between business, civil society and politics on a multi-partisan basis. The Young Atlantiks Program promotes the “next generation” of German-Canadian transatlantic partnership. It offers a small group of young Canadians and Germans the opportunity to convene on the sidelines of the conference and to participate in the meeting itself. Bringing together young Canadian and German participants, the Young Atlantiks will get together for five days to exchange and engage on current and future challenges on both sides of the Atlantic. In addition, the delegation joins as observers at the main German-Canadian Conference taking place in Ottawa from 4-5 June. Topics of discussion will include security and changing geopolitical realities, energy and the environment and technology’s impact on politics, the economy and society. Alumni of the Young Atlantiks program will remain active in the Atlantik-Brücke and Atlantik Bruecke Canada network. The Young Atlantiks program is produced in partnership with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Canada and the Embassy of Canada in Germany.

When: 3-8 June, 2023
Participants: Canadian and German citizens between 25 and 30 years of age 
Application deadline: April 24, 2023



  • Up to 10 participants (German, Canadian, gender-balanced)
  • Delegates will be required to participate in the entire program in-person taking place in Ottawa, Canada
  • Arrival Saturday 3 June, 2023
  • Departure Thursday 8 June, 2023
  • The program entails meetings and discussions with senior decision-makers, academics, and business leaders from various sectors; a cultural and social program are also planned (i.e. visits to museums, site visits and memorials)
  • English will be the primary language used throughout
  • Participants are invited to join, as observers, the annual German-Canadian Conference

Successful applicants will:

  • Be Canadian or German citizens between the ages of 25 and 30
  • Demonstrate leadership in their professional careers
  • Show a strong interest in the German-Canadian partnership and in political, economic and social issues
  • Demonstrate willingness to contribute to the Atlantik-Brücke and Atlantik-Bruecke Canada network
  • Applicants can be from any sector including: business, government, media, military, non-profit, finance, academia or the arts
  • Women and gender minorities, as well as people of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply to ensure a diversity of perspectives


  • To foster greater understanding of the German-Canadian relationship among the younger generations and to provide them an opportunity to make lasting transatlantic connections
  • To learn first-hand about another country’s society, political institutions, history and culture
  • To create a young German-Canadian alumni network
  • To increase future leaders presence in the network of Atlantik-Brücke and Atlantik-Bruecke Canada

Note: This program is contingent upon funding. The final number of participants will be determined by the level of financial support received for the program.


Participants will receive fixed stipends to support flight/travel costs to Ottawa, accommodation, and group meals. Logistical arrangements to/from the conference must be arranged by the individual. Incidentals are the responsibility of the participant.

Dates of Travel:


  • Inbound flights to Ottawa, Canada on Saturday, 3 June, 2023; participants may arrive earlier at their own expense.
  • Outbound flights from Ottawa, Canada Thursday, 8 June, 2023; participants may extend the trip at their own expense.


Deadline is April 24, 2023

To apply:

Note: All résumés and short-answer question responses must be in English.


Successful applicants will be notified by May 5, 2023.

About Atlantik-Brücke:


Atlantik-Brücke is the leading private, non-profit, non-partisan organization for fostering transatlantic relations. Founded in 1952, Atlantik- Brücke was established to deepen cooperation between Germany, the United States and Canada. Through its work, the organization wants to strengthen the transatlantic partnership and enable a better mutual understanding, especially in the fields of politics, economics, and culture. Atlantik-Brücke is a Berlin-based member organization; its 900 members represent the top decision-makers from business, politics, academia, and the media. Membership is by invitation only.

About Atlantik-Bruecke Canada:

Atlantik-Bruecke Canada is a not-for-profit and non-partisan organization dedicated to the development of positive relations between Germany and Canada, partnered with Atlantik- Brücke. We are member-driven and provide a forum for our members to learn from one another and develop direct relationships with German counterparts for the betterment of Canada. We educate our stakeholders through research intended to facilitate policy and business decisions, and we promote dialogue and thought leadership on important bilateral issues. Atlantik-Bruecke Canada also contributes to the development of the next generation of leaders, through our active support of young and future members.


Should you have any further questions, please contact We look forward to receiving your application!

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