Young Atlantiks Program

Each year, the Young Atlantiks Program brings together young Canadians and Germans to discuss current and future challenges on both sides of the Atlantic.

Every year, ten young professionals from Canada and Germany meet at the German-Canadian Conference as part of the Young Atlantiks Program. The program offers a small group of young Canadians and Germans the opportunity to discuss current and future challenges on both sides of the Atlantic and to create lasting transatlantic connections.
The Young Atlantiks exchange ideas with representatives from politics, science and society and lay the foundation for the next generation of the transatlantic German-Canadian partnership.

Launched in 2019, the initiative is supported by the Canadian Embassy in Germany and the German Embassy in Canada and is jointly organized by Atlantik-Brücke and Atlantik-Brücke Canada.

Contact Person for the Young Atlantiks Program is Laura Korndoerfer:


2024 Young Atlantiks Program Report
From May 11-15, 2024, ten young Canadian and German professionals, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, met to discuss current and future transatlantic challenges and to attend the 37th German-Canadian Conference in Berlin.
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German-Canadian Young Atlantiks Program
Call for Applications: The Young Atlantiks Program promotes the “next generation” of German-Canadian transatlantic partnership.
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