Study trips

Experiencing the United States and Germany first hand

Transatlantic relations are fostered and thrive through person-to-person contact and discussions. For this reason, Atlantik-Brücke organizes annual delegation trips to the USA. Through dialogue with politicians, journalists, economists, and think-tank representatives, our members gain first-hand knowledge and authentic impressions.

In addition to the delegation trips for members, Atlantik-Brücke also offers teachers an opportunity for a transatlantic experience. With study trips for American teachers, who act as multipliers, the interest in and knowledge of Germany in the USA is promoted. Since 2015, teacher trips have also been offered in the other direction – teachers from the new federal states in Germany have been given the opportunity to explore the USA on study trips. They do not only get to know the big cities, but also the diversity of America in Pennsylvania, New Mexico and other states.

Study Trips for Teachers from East Germany
Although Americans sometimes know too little about Germany and the Germans, the reverse phenomenon also exists. Especially in the five Länder (Federal States) of the former GDR. Even 25 years after German reunification, knowledge about the United States is still not as universal there as it is in the West of Germany, where it has been fostered by student exchanges, friendships and the influence of pop culture for decades.
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Study Trips for American Teachers
German-American relations thrive not only on strategic political deliberations, but also on cultural and emotional connections. Laying a foundation for this makes most sense when done early, during school years. Many American teachers who teach 20th century German history have never been to Germany and convey an outdated or incomplete picture to their students.
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