New Bridge Alumni Activities

The New Bridge alumni network aims to involve participants in the transatlantic dialogue long-term by offering diverse opportunities for sustained engagement in the transatlantic community and the Atlantik-Brücke network.

An annual, fully funded alumni reunion fosters commitment to the program, encourages networking among alumni, and further informs participants on transatlantic topics. Virtual events and activities throughout the year ensure the program’s sustainability. In addition to digital events, alumni are also involved in the regular activities of Atlantik-Brücke; for instance, as speakers at our events or as contributors to our publications.

“Participation in the New Bridge program has allowed me to build a cohort of colleagues across the Atlantic. I am now part of an extended family of leaders who are invested in building transatlantic relationships through authentic friendships rooted in our common history, hopeful ideals for our futures, and a shared set of democratic values.”

Kelly Carter – New Bridge Alumna, NBP to GER Cohort #1

Furthermore, alumni actively contribute to the ongoing success of the New Bridge Program by using their experiences and expertise to improve and strengthen the impact of the program. They can also nominate new candidates, enabling them to influence the future of the transatlantic sphere and create access in their own communities. Moreover, alumni provide support during the selection and onboarding processes.

In 2022, the New Bridge alumni initiated the formation of an Alumni Council. Its mission is to strengthen community among New Bridge fellows, deepen relationships with Atlantik-Brücke, and promote transatlantic partnerships. To reach these goals, three different committees covering the areas of communication, fellow relations, and professional development have been created. The Council has initiated a wide variety of projects, including the “Buddy Program” which connects new fellows with alumni who support before, during, and after the trip.

Articles of Alumni Activities

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