Regional Chapter Frankfurt/Hessen

The banking metropolis on the Main River is home to one of the most active and largest regional chapters of Atlantik-Brücke. It is therefore it is not suprising that, in addition to foreign and security policy, economic and financial policy issues are among the main focuses of the Frankfurt Chapter. These topics are regularly discussed at – the Frankfurt Luncheons, a lunch in a convivial atmosphere, followed by a keynote speech and a lively discussion in a protected space. In addition to the traditional topics that have always been of interest to Atlantik-Brücke as an association, the Frankfurt Regional Chapter has been exploring new horizons for some time now: last year, for example, topics such as New Work, the politicization of the legal system in the USA and Germany, and the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence were discussed. Highlights in 2023 included the Frankfurt Summer Festival and a visit to the Lyonel Feininger exhibition at the SCHIRN.

Contact person for the Frankfurt Regional Chapter: Jonas Ader, j.ader(at)

Photo: Sinan Erg/ Unsplash

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