Study Trips for Teachers from East Germany

A special program to provide a lively insight into everyday life in the USA

Although Americans sometimes know too little about Germany and the Germans, the reverse phenomenon also exists. Especially in the five Länder (Federal States) of the former GDR. Even 25 years after German reunification, knowledge about the United States is still not as universal there as it is in the West of Germany, where it had been fostered by student exchanges, friendships and the influence of pop culture for decades.
Since 2016, Atlantik-Brücke’s study trips are conducted in both directions across the Atlantic. In addition to the study trips for American social studies teachers to Germany, Atlantik-Brücke now also invites German teachers from East Germany on study trips to the United States. Every two years, 15 participants travel to the US in order to experience it firsthand and to promote transatlantic dialogue at East German schools in the long term. During the weeklong trip, the participants experience different aspects of the United States. They gain insight into the American education system and meet influencers from politics, business, the media and think tanks. This enables the teachers to use first-hand information about the United States in their lessons.

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