Experts discuss the transatlantic partnership

Examining and understanding the transatlantic relationship and rethinking its prospects are at the core of Atlantik-Brücke’s work. A main goal is to make use of the expertise and experience of its members. Many of them are German or American politicians, researchers, or business executives. Encouraging discussion and the exchange of ideas between them is a central task of the organisation. In order to achieve this, workstreams have been established which address the central questions of the transatlantic partnership and propose solutions. The workstreams are led by members of Atlantik-Brücke’s board of directors. Currently, there are five workstreams on foreign- and security policy, business and economics, climate and energy, digitization and society. Some of the speeches and presentations given in the context of the workstreams are available here- among others by Ursula von der Leyen, Günther Oettinger or former U.S. Minister Janet Napolitano. They evolve around topics such as TTIP, climate change, artificial intelligence and the future of NATO.

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