U.S. Corona Relief: Donate Now!

Atlantik-Brücke teams up with Save the Children to help those in need
U.S. Corona Relief: Donate Now!

The Corona crisis shakes the world. The pandemic has dramatic consequences for the health of millions of people worldwide, and the social and economic impact is enormous. Among the countries that have been particularly hard hit is the USA. With more than 110,000 deaths, a huge economic slump and an unemployment rate that is higher than it has been since the Great Depression, the suffering is immense. Millions of Americans are now more dependent than ever on charity, including many children. Although the virus knows no social differences, the poor are still more vulnerable when it comes to medical care and their economic survival. The current protests in many American cities have reminded us once again that inequality divides American society deeply.

The US and Germany are friends and partners, regardless of any political tensions. People on both sides of the Atlantic are closely connected through personal relationships, through business contacts, through friendships formed as exchange students or through the military. German-American relations have developed over decades and run deep. America has supported Germany tremendously at crucial points in its history.

In view of the dramatic situation, we asked ourselves what we could do. How can Atlantik-Bruecke provide direct help to those in need? How can we send a signal that the transatlantic partnership will hold even in difficult times?

The organization Save the Children has launched a program to help children in poor rural areas of the United States who have no access to education and are threatened by hunger due to the pandemic. We would like to ask you to come together and donate to this important program. Our help here really reaches those who are suffering immensely from the pandemic and whose future is at risk.

We appreciate your donations, and we thank those of you who have already donated generously!

You can make your donation here using the form set up for Atlantik-Bruecke on the Save the Children website. The form allows the use of credit cards and PayPal. Comprehensive information about the program and Save the Children can also be found on this website.

If you prefer to wire the money to the donation account, please use this information:
Save the Children Deutschland e.V.
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE92100205000003292912
Keyword: Atlantik-Bruecke

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