American Democracy in Crisis?

Video Discussion with Daniel Ziblatt, Harvard, and Donald Wise, formerly of Metzler North America


Professor Daniel Ziblatt, political scientist at Harvard and co-author of the bestseller “How Democracies Die” and Donald Wise, former CEO of Metzler North America, discussed the state of democracy in the US. Wise and Ziblatt explored whether American democracy is merely facing a temporary crisis or a fundamental threat.

Wise emphasized that the American public is not as deeply divided as politics may make it seem. The existing cultural divisions, he stated, can be overcome – starting at the local level. Ziblatt on the other hand warned of the deep level of polarization and argued that the damage to the unwritten rules of democracy could only be surmounted by institutional reforms.

The speakers also touched upon current debates such as the nomination of Supreme Court Justices and answered questions from the audience, for example on Trump’s long-term legacy and how he has changed foreign policy.

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