A non-profit association in service of German-American Friendship

Founded in 1952, Atlantik-Brücke aims to deepen cooperation between Germany, Europe and America on all levels. Transatlantic cooperation is and remains a decisive factor for global order and stability, especially in difficult times. Now that nationalist tendencies are gaining popularity worldwide, Atlantik-Brücke is even more committed to its mission. It advocates multilateralism, open societies and free trade. As a non-profit and non-partisan association, Atlantik-Brücke strengthens the exchange between politics and business, but also between young leaders and representatives of civil society beyond party lines. Atlantik-Brücke offers a platform for different perspectives and a lively debate.

The approximately 500 members of Atlantik-Brücke are decision-makers from business, politics, science and the media on both sides of the Atlantic. Their expertise in different sectors enriches the transatlantic debate and fosters mutual understanding. Membership is by invitation only.


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