A Firsthand Account of the War in Ukraine
Regional Chapter Hamburg

A Firsthand Account of the War in Ukraine

Clarissa Ward and Julia Friedlander

Thursday, November 24, 2022
06.30 pm - 09.30 pm


The speakers of the next event of the regional chapter Hamburg are:

  • Clarissa Ward, Chief International Correspondent, CNN
  • Julia Friedlander, CEO, Atlantik-Brücke

Truth is often considered the first casualty of war, which is why journalists play an indispensable role in conflict zones, informing people about the grim realities of war – at great risk to their own lives. Clarissa Ward, CNN’s Chief International Correspondent, has reported around the world for more than two decades from various conflict regions, including Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and, most recently, Ukraine. Ward was among the few Western journalists who witnessed firsthand the Russian attack on Ukraine on February 24. She then spent ten weeks reporting from the war-torn country. Recently, she returned to Ukraine to get a better picture of the current events on the ground. At this event, Clarissa Ward will talk about her personal impressions from her time in Ukraine and how she assesses the Western support for the country so far and what special challenges conflict reporters face during their dangerous assignments.

Atlantik-Brücke would like to thank the Warburg family for their generous hospitality.

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