“Digital Westphalia: Old Borders and New Rules”
Transatlantic Dialogue

“Digital Westphalia: Old Borders and New Rules”

John Frank, Microsoft, Peter Schaar, EAID, and Peter A. Winn, US Department of Justice

Tuesday, December 12, 2017
06.30 pm


with John Frank, Vice President, EU Government Affairs, Microsoft
Peter Schaar, Chairman of the European Academy for Freedom of Information and Data Protection (EAID), former German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information
Peter A. Winn, Acting Chief, Privacy and Civil Liberty Office & Director, Office of Privacy and Civil Liberties, United States Department of Justice

National borders and sovereignty are the basis of our existing legal systems. Freedom and independence of states to determine their own legal systems and social order has been a core principle of international cooperation since the Westphalian Peace Treaty. However, the Internet does not recognize national borders and challenges states to find modern solutions that respect both international law and national sovereignty. How can we find solutions that enable transatlantic data transfers while respecting fundamental rights and national laws? What is the role of international agreements? To what extent does this problem affect the future of relations between Europe and the United States?

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