“Female Leadership Workshop: Behind the Scenes – Digitization During a Global Crisis”

“Female Leadership Workshop: Behind the Scenes – Digitization During a Global Crisis”

Angelika Gifford, Facebook, and Dr. Katrin Suder, Digital Council of the Federal Government

Thursday, March 11, 2021
05.00 pm - 05.50 pm

Virtual Discussion

with Angelika Gifford, Vice President Central Europe, Facebook; Member of the Board, Atlantik-Brücke
and Dr. Katrin Suder, Head, Digital Council of the Federal Government; Young Leader Alumna (2004)

With the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020, the digital agenda in Germany has picked up speed, trying to find quick solutions for long term problems. From start-ups to corporations, from associations to think-tanks: new digital tools have been introduced, new working environments explored, and new processes and business models tested. These developments result in opportunities as well as risks, and women in management positions are tasked with being visionary thought leaders, methodical implementers and empathic mediators, all at the same time.

This dynamic and challenging situation led us to calling to life The Female Leadership Workshop Series in cooperation with “The GroUP”, in order to share inspiration around digital transformation, including successful concepts and use cases, but also to talk openly about challenges, failed digital projects and learnings.

In this first session, Dr. Katrin Suder will provide us with valuable insights about the work of the German Federal Government’s Digital Council. Moreover, we will learn from Angelika Gifford how Facebook’s 200 million business customers around the world cope with lockdowns, changing buying behaviors and emerging competition, but also how a global company continues to operate with a remote workforce of almost 60,000.

We cordially thank “The GroUP” and Angelika Gifford, Member of the Board of Atlantik-Brücke, for her initiative and support.

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