From Petrostates to Value-Based: Debating New Angles of Foreign Policy

From Petrostates to Value-Based: Debating New Angles of Foreign Policy

Emma Ashford, Kristina Lunz, Cameron Abadi

Monday, November 20, 2023
05.30 pm - 06.30 pm

The military conflict between Israel and Hamas is the latest example of the complexity of conflicts and their global consequences. Peace-making and diplomacy have become increasingly more difficult. As the number of international players is growing, ranging from authoritarian “petrostates” to countries committed to value-based foreign policy, so is the diversity of their foreign policy interests. In this virtual event, we would like to discuss the new balances of power in foreign policy and the definition of leadership. The speakers are:

  • Emma Ashford, Senior Fellow, The Stimson Center
  • Kristina Lunz, Co-Founder, Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy (CFFP), Young Leaders Alumna
  • Moderator: Cameron Abadi, Deputy Editor, Foreign Policy

Emma Ashford is an expert on the foreign policy of so-called “petrostates” and published her first book Oil, the State, and War: The Foreign Policies of Petrostates in 2022. In her book she explains the influence that domestic oil production can have on the foreign policy of “petrostates” and how this changes global power structures. Following the success of the original German version, Kristina Lunz’s first book was republished in English in September 2023 entitled The Future of Foreign Policy Is Feminist. Lunz is convinced that peace, human rights, and justice should be considered in conjunction with foreign policy in order to introduce a paradigm shift.

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This event is for members and Young Leaders Alumni of Atlantik-Brücke as well as for selected guests.

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