Putin, Russia and Ukraine – What to expect in 2024?
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Putin, Russia and Ukraine – What to expect in 2024?

Bill Browder, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ischinger, Valerie Hopkins

Monday, January 29, 2024
06.00 pm - 08.30 pm


Russia’s 2022 attack on Ukraine is fast approaching the two-year mark. While the front lines are less dynamic compared to earlier stages in the conflict, cyberwarfare, aerial, and naval attacks are intensifying, and Russia is converting itself into a war economy. The West continues to pledge political, financial, and military support for Ukraine, but not always with assurances, and political headwinds are growing. 2024 will be decisive for Ukraine both tactically and politically, with European Parliament elections in June and the US elections in November. Putin will almost certainly assume another term after Russia votes in March, extending his tenure well beyond our own democratic timelines. What implications will these events have on the war in Ukraine, and how will Ukraine itself play a role in our own domestic political discourse and national security debate?

Together with Bill Browder and Professor Dr. Wolfgang Ischinger, we will discuss what this year may bring for Ukraine as well as Europe’s security architecture. Bill Browder is an expert on Russia whose advocacy helped the US to pass the Global Magnitsky Act of 2016. Professor Dr. Wolfgang Ischinger has been president of the Foundation Council of the Munich Security Conference Foundation since 2022 and served as its chairman from 2008 to 2022. The conversation will be moderated by Valerie Hopkins, correspondent for Russia and Ukraine at The New York Times and Young Leaders Alumna (2018).

This event is for members of Atlantik-Brücke.

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