The AI Moment in the Transatlantic Super-Election Year

The AI Moment in the Transatlantic Super-Election Year

Ginny Badanes, Benjamin Brake, Christiane Hoffmann, Lukas Kondraciuk, Tanit Koch

Thursday, May 16, 2024
06.00 pm - 07.30 pm

Microsoft Atrium, Charlottenstraße 46, 10117 Berlin

Without doubt, the year 2024 is a super-election year – for the transatlantic community and globally. Almost half the world’s population is eligible to vote this year. In Germany and the United States, the European Parliament election, the U.S. Presidential and Congressional elections, and the State elections in Brandenburg, Saxony, and Thuringia will have impact far beyond domestic or regional policy. At the same time, democracy itself is under pressure: Authoritarian forces around the world are on the rise, and trust in democratic self-government is on decline across Western democracies.

In this precarious situation for democracy, the world witnessed the breakthrough of artificial intelligence. Rapidly evolving large-language models continue to offer a wide range of undreamt-of possibilities for companies, the public sector, and the average citizen. But as every technology, AI can also be abused by malign actors. For the democratic process, the abuse of AI for the purpose of spreading misinformation, identity theft, and election interference poses new challenges.

One month ahead of the European Parliament election, we want to take stock of these challenges, discuss how to meet them, and how to make the AI moment a historic event that strengthens election integrity around the world.


  • Ginny Badanes, General Manager, Democracy Forward, Microsoft
  • Benjamin Brake, Director General, Digital and Data Policy, Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport
  • Christiane Hoffmann, First Deputy Spokesperson, German Federal Government; Deputy Head, Press and Information Office of the Federal Government
  • Lukasz Kondraciuk, Head of Election Integrity, European Platform for Democratic Elections
  • Tanit Koch, Columnist & Investor, The New European; Member of the Transatlantic Commission on Election Integrity, Alliance of Democracies Foundation


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