“Here to Stay”

“Here to Stay” Photo: Photothek

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, Atlantik-Brücke is presenting a publication that features essays and reflections on the past as well as the future of the transatlantic relationship. The authors are members, Young Leaders Alumni, New Bridge Alumni and partners of Atlantik-Brücke.

The questions they set out to answer are: How can we expand the partnership across the Atlantic in the face of a multitude of crises? How do transatlantic partners deal with the Russian threat over the long term? How do we jointly meet the challenge posed by China? And what security risks does climate change bring?

In addition to this analytical look at transatlantic relations, the book also focuses on the heart of the partnership: personal encounters. At the end of the book, we take the reader on a visual journey through the history of Atlantik-Brücke and of European-American relations.

Read the book here.


Sigmar Gabriel: “Returning to a World that has Clear Rules”

Amrai Coen & Martin Klingst: “My America, Your America”

Thomas Bagger: “Democracies of the Future”

Anand Raghuraman: “A New Bridge from Asia to Europe”

Julia Friedlander: “America’s Zeitenwende”

Christiane Hoffmann: “Crossing Borders”

Friedrich Merz: “An Alliance with a Future”

Chelsea McKelvey: “Overseas”

Veronica Escobar & Michael Werz: “A Wall is No Solution”

Elisabeth Zerofsky: “The Best of Both Worlds”

Norbert Röttgen: “The Strength of the West”

Mayra Guadalupe Cedano Robles: “A More Inclusive Conversation”

Erin Sikorsky: “A Threatening Climate”

Hans-Gert Pöttering: “With the Very Best Recommendations”

Volker Berghahn: “The Gateway to the World”

Timeline: Visual Journey through the Decades

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