“No one is safe from repression by the Chinese Communist Party”
Hong Kong is a symbol of how autocratic regimes can stifle freedom and democracy. In this interview, activist and organizer Samuel Chu speaks about why this concerns the transatlantic partners, too.
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„We are focused on diplomatic outcomes that have a real effect for middle-class America“
Under Secretary Jose W. Fernandez, U.S. Department of State, details the Biden administration's approach to economic diplomacy and the need for transatlantic cooperation on issues from the supply chain to China.
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“Nord Stream 2 was a mistake. We simply didn’t listen to the Eastern Europeans.”
An exclusive interview with Atlantik-Brücke Chairman Sigmar Gabriel on Putin's war against Ukraine, the flaws of Germany's Russia policy, and the unwavering importance of the transatlantic alliance.
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“The more stable our democracies are, the less terrorists can harm us”
In an interview, Sigmar Gabriel talks about 9/11 and its consequences.
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“Our freedoms have not come out of nowhere”
What do people from both sides of the Atlantic associate with the term freedom? How important is freedom for each and every individual, what does it mean for our societies? Are we ready to stand up for our own freedom and that of others? We have asked politicians, artists and entrepreneurs from both sides of the Atlantic to talk to us about their views.
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“The president is more at home in an autocratic framework” – Interview with Roger Cohen, New York Times
Roger Cohen, NY Times, speaks President Trump's autocratic tendencies, in American society and mistrust in the media.
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