Interview series Future of NATO

Nordenman: “Doubts about America’s commitment to Article 5 are removed”
Part XIV of our series: Magnus Nordenman calms the inhabitants of Guam and Hawaii: After initial irritations, the U.S. government under President Trump adheres firmly to the mutual defence clause.
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Gottemoeller: “A demonstration that we stand together”
Part XIII of our series: Rose Gottemoeller regards the Alliance’s security guarantee for the Baltics and Poland as reliable. NATO Deputy Secretary General demands that Russia complies with its commitments to transparency of its military exercises in this region.
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O’Hanlon: “The goal is to normalize relations with Russia”
Part IX of our series: Michael O’ Hanlon demands that NATO’s eastward expansion must come to an end. He suggests an alternative security architecture in Europe.
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Von Geyr: “Reliability is crucial in NATO”
In the debate on NATO's two percent target, Géza von Geyr states that it is strategically imperative for Germany to increase its expenditure on security.
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