Chrystia Freeland: „Let’s not underestimate our collective power“
In her acceptance speech for Atlantik-Brücke's Warburg-Award, Chrystia Freeland emphasized how important it is for Canada and Germany to stand up for multilateralism - especially in times of growing nationalism.
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Minister Freeland honored with Warburg Award
Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland was presented with the Eric M. Warburg Award by Atlantik-Brücke in recognition of her strong commitment to CETA, the trade agreement between Canada and the EU. She is the first Canadian to receive the Warburg Award.
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Award Ceremony for the Eric-M.-Warburg-Prize honoring Dr. Richard von Weizsäcker
On June 4, 2014, the Atlantik-Brücke recognized former Federal President Dr. Richard von Weizsäcker in Berlin for his outstanding commitment to transatlantic relations by awarding him the Eric M. Warburg Prize. Friedrich Merz, Chairman of Atlantik-Brücke, provided the laudation in front of the exclusive circle of guests. He emphasized, “You are a shining example for […]
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