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Compiled by Ana Ramic

This week, America got one new ally. And probably lost a few. The Singapore Summit, the first meeting between a sitting US President and a North Korean leader, took place on Tuesday, and the two heads of state reached a vague agreement. The one person both leaders have in common, former NBA star and North Korea “expert” Dennis Rodman, was also there and he actually cried tears of joy. But possibly THE GREATEST thing to come out of this meeting, or maybe even the greatest thing to happen to peace ever, is this Hollywood-style trailer created by the National Security Council in advance of the meeting; if you haven’t heard of Destiny Pictures yet, you’re about to find out.

And it seems that 2018 really peaked this week when one senior White House official defined American foreign policy as “We’re America, b&#*%!” (Sorry, this is a family-friendly publication.) Which may explain the less-than-stellar situation at G7. Jim O’Neill, coiner of the BRIC acronym, agrees with the gloomy assessment, but also finds himself sympathizing with President Trump – what purpose does the G7 summit actually serve? Are there a few too many Gs out there?

Our annual Members Delegation Trip has been announced for October 21-26, 2018, when the Atlantik-Brücke will be visiting Oklahoma City along with Washington, DC. For more on Oklahoma, read this excellent piece on teachers and the democratic revival in this traditionally red state.

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  • The World Cup begins this week! Germany’s first match is against Mexico on Sunday, FIFA is apparently keeping politics out of sport, and the US didn’t make it. Fun fact: in Egypt’s election last March, the Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah was the surprising runner-up after MORE THAN ONE MILLION Egyptians wrote his name into the ballot!
  • Angela Merkel, Henry Kissinger, and Dr. Ruth the sex therapist had dinner. Both Kissinger and Dr. Ruth were Jewish refugees and their discussion was real and meaningful.
  • Ben Rhodes led from behind. His new book hits the stands: “This is the closest view of Obama we’re likely to get until he publishes his own memoir.”
  • Kaiser Wilhelm & Donald Trump have a lot more in common than you may have thought. Good thing we never learn from history?


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