New Bridge to Germany

New Bridge to Germany is a fully funded study program for young professionals with a focus on diversity.

The United States is a country rich in diversity. Perspectives and experiences of communities vary greatly based on where they are located geographically, their heritage, and culture. Many of them are not adequately represented in the transatlantic dialogue. To enable a more meaningful conversation with the United States, more voices and perspectives need to be included. With its New Bridge Program, Atlantik-Brücke seeks to garner interest in Germany and Europe among more Americans, spark new ideas, and continue to build a strong transatlantic community.

New Bridge to Germany is a study program with a focus on diverse young American professionals underrepresented in the transatlantic community. The program enables current and emerging leaders from a variety of fields and regions in the United States to experience Germany and Europe first-hand, engage in an interdisciplinary exchange on transatlantic relations, discuss the rapid changes to societies on both continents, and cultivate lasting personal and professional relationships.

The fully funded 10-day program begins with predeparture activities in Washington, D.C., where participants get to know one another, make their first valuable connections with the transatlantic community, and prepare for their trip to Berlin and Brussels. While in Germany and Belgium, the group will meet with high-ranking officials and decision-makers from critical sectors; visit key government institutions, business, and cultural sites; and engage with European counterparts, both professionally and socially. Cultural activities, such as going on a Cold War walking tour of Berlin or exploring the vibrant city life of Brussels, will complement the program.

After completing the program, participants will be integrated into an alumni network with additional events and opportunities for continued exchange.

Every year, our partners are invited to nominate suitable candidates for the New Bridge Program. Nominees then apply directly and are chosen via a selection process.

The program is open to diverse professionals from all fields between the ages of 25 and 35, with a special focus on those who have limited or no previous experience with or ties to Europe and Germany. Participants should be able to demonstrate professional, academic, personal, or other achievements, be open to new experiences, curious about international affairs, and willing to actively engage in discussions about European-American relations.

The New Bridge Program is a fully funded fellowship. All incurred costs (flights, accommodations, board, and program activities) are fully covered by the program.

The program is supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the Joachim Herz Foundation.

Our ten advisory board members from both sides of the Atlantic use their expertise in various fields to support a successful implementation and alignment of the New Bridge. You can take a look at our advisory board here.


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