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Compiled by Ana Ramic

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe seems to be suffering from unrequieted love for President Trump. The President, whom the Japanese Prime Minister is currently visiting at Mar-a-Lago, has been playing the “will they won’t they” game with TPP. It seems he has ruled out participation in the treaty, but has since ruled it out, which comes as bad news for Japan, but follows the administration’s preference for bilateral trade agreements. Another big fan of the President is Michael Cohen, the president’s lawyer. The FBI raided his offices in an ongoing investigation led by Robert Mueller, for specific reasons still unknown. Trump claimed it an attack on the country, and in return, Cohen claimed he’d take a bullet for the president. Let’s see what he really will do as the details unfold.

And then there’s the rest of the base: a new Washington Post-ABC News poll found GOP voters are lining up behind Trump’s position on trade. That support comes from specifically non-college-educated whites who favor Trump’s tariffs on Chinese goods, and rural voters; while every other subgroup is opposed. The GOP will never be the same.

In slightly more amusing news, last week Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was faced with all kinds of…interesting…questions as he testified in front of two different Congressional committees. To put it diplomatically: he cleared a very low bar. What also stood out was the lack of questions regarding specific tactics and purpose of Russian information operations (the purpose of the hearings). It was clear that members of Congress were not well-versed on the subject, did not understand the responses, and thus could not ask useful follow-up questions. To say that Congress wasted this opportunity would be an understatement; and that’s a shame.

Those are some of the biggest news in transatlantic affairs this week and we need to highlight them. But we should also highlight that the objects of those news lack a certain gender diversity (gasp!). So to balance that out, we would like to give a special mention to Beyoncé who authored an homage to black culture at the Coachella music festival last weekend. That’s important because she is seen to be increasingly speaking for a whole generation of Americans.

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