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Gold medals, cars in space, military parades…we are definitely not in Kansas anymore! In the two weeks since you heard from us last, the world has kept turning. North Korea’s charm offensive in Pyeongchang caused some eye-rolling, including by Vice President Pence who took a stand—despite his previous dislike of sports-related disobedience—and refused to applaud the unified Korean team. [Olympic fun fact: the most famous former “army of beauties” cheerleader is none other than Ri-Sol-ju, Kim-Jong-un’s wife.]

In life-apart-from-Biathlon news, President Trump unveiled the second budget proposal of his presidency, which is not so different from the first, and calls for cutting back on basically everything except for defense spending, plus a military parade à la française. Also on Monday, the White House proposed a new infrastructure plan without specifying where the funding would come from. Roughly eight months before election day, it is unlikely to make any actual headway. Additionally, immigration remains an intractable problem as ever in Congress. The Senate began debating this week, but on Tuesday a second judge blocked President Trump’s decision to end a program that protects immigrants brought illegally as children from deportation, making the March 5 deadline for Congressional action more or less moot. Nancy Pelosi delivered the longest speech in House history, defending Dreamers’ rights—or vying for support of the party base?

And lest we forget, the Obamas presented their official portraits at the National Portrait Gallery this week, and Elon Musk sent a Tesla into space because…why not?

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• It’s been a rollercoaster two weeks for the US stockmarket, but the losses seem to be recovering this week.
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• The rumor is the White House is considering Loretta Mester, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, for the Fed’s number 2 job.
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• The Reno-Tahoe Industrial center, created by a cowboy brothel owner, is on the front lines of the demand for industrial property, hosting Tesla, Google, and others.
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• Only for the non-faint of heart, the full budget proposal on the White House website.
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• In his Valentine’s Day message, George Soros warns against the growing power of US internet companies in our daily lives.
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• Last week, a judge in Florida announced that the Florida state system of felon voter right disenfranchisement violates the Constitution.
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• In today’s networked world, free speech should be flourishing. But how do you really believe that anything is real?
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