Talks and Discussions

Through numerous talks and discussions, Atlantik-Brücke offers its members and external experts the opportunity to learn more about current events in transatlantic relations and to exchange ideas. The focus is on foreign and security policy, economics and finance, climate and energy as well as on topics like digitization and society.

Arthur Burns Memorial Lecture
The speeches in this series are from decision-makers from the fields of economics and finance. The focus of the traditional yearly lectures is the role of the transatlantic partnership in regards to economics, finance, and markets. The Arthur Burns Memorial Lecture, established by Atlantik-Brücke in cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesbank, commemorates Arthur Burns contribution to German-American relations, as a renowned economist and president of the Federal Reserve as well as a dedicated U.S. Ambassador in Germany from 1981 to 1985.
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Examining and understanding the transatlantic relationship and rethinking its prospects are at the core of Atlantik-Brücke’s work. A main goal is to make use of the expertise and experience of its members. Many of them are German or American politicians, researchers, or business executives. Encouraging discussion and the exchange of ideas between them is a central task of the organisation.
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Other Events
Atlantik-Brücke offers its member a forum for exchange and discussion - in Germany, as well as in large European and American cities.
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