Sigmar Gabriel: "The perspective of the US has changed."

Dr. Stefanie Babst: "Ukraine needs a perspective on NATO membership."

U.S. Ambassador Dr. Amy Gutmann: "The defense of democracy is the defining challenge of our time."

War in Ukraine as a Turning Point? Perspectives on Germany's Defense Policy

On the Brink of War? Ukraine, Russia and the Future of the Transatlantic Alliance

Assessing the Domestic and Foreign Policy Priorities of Germany's New Government

Kamala Harris - Buchpräsentation mit Marie-Astrid Langer; Teil 5

Kamala Harris - Buchpräsentation mit Marie-Astrid Langer; Teil 4

Kamala Harris - Buchpräsentation mit Marie-Astrid Langer; Teil 3

Kamala Harris - Buchpräsentation mit Marie-Astrid Langer; Teil 2

Kamala Harris - Buchpräsentation mit Marie-Astrid Langer; Teil 1

The New Bridge Program

A World in Tumult? Changing Views in and of the U.S.

Female Founders - Challenges and Opportunities

General James Mattis at Atlantik-Brücke’s Young Leaders Conference 2021

Deutschland und die digitale Transformation: Verlieren wir den Anschluss?

Eine transatlantische Politik für den Nahen und Mittleren Osten

Fireside Chat with Victoria Nuland

BioNTechs Weg zu einer Milliarde Impfstoffdosen

Transatlantic Technology Cooperation: Where Are We Headed?

The Future of Money

The Transatlantic Alliance After Afghanistan

Conversation on Relations between China and the West: A Perspective from Beijing

Transatlantische Beziehungen: Was können wir voneinander lernen?

The WTO under a new Director-General: Towards a Rules-based Trade Cooperation

Reaffirming and Reimagining the Transatlantic Alliance: Facing Shared Challenges Together

100 Tage Präsident Biden

Rebuilding U.S.-German Relations: Harder than it Appears

President Biden and the 117th Congress: D.C. Journalists' Perspectives on What to Expect

Political Polarization in the USA - How to Bridge the Gap

Reforging the Transatlantic Energy Alliance: From Sanctions towards Cooperation

A New Green Era in Transatlantic Relations

Zur Krise der politischen Repräsentation

Transition 2020 – Review & Outlook on 2021 Under the New U.S. Administration

After the U.S. Election - What to Expect from the New Presidency?

After Trump - Rebuilding Anglo-European Relations in Challenging Times

How to reinvent the German-American Agenda in 2021

Finanzmarktstabilität in Zeiten der Corona-Krise

"Eine bleibende Beziehung zu Amerika" - Thomas Gottschalk im Gespräch mit Sigmar Gabriel

Atlantik-Brücke-Highlights 2020

What to Expect from the Biden Administration? Charles Kupchan in Conversation with Michael Werz

Debrief of the U.S. Election

A Deep Dive into the U.S. Election Results

„Changing Demographics: Diversity in the United States and Germany“

"Battleground Tour: Wisconsin"

Will Transatlantic Relations Improve After the Presidential Election?

The Battleground State of Michigan and the 2020 U.S. Election

The Potential of Hydrogen and the Need for Transatlantic Cooperation on Energy Issues

»Why we need a transatlantic China strategy: A conversation with Tom Friedman«

American Democracy in Crisis? A discussion with Daniel Ziblatt and Don Wise

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